Pakistani air force superhero Hassan MIG 21 shoots it Indian jets

Pakistani air force superhero Hassan MIG 21 shoots it Indian jets

The Indian Flying corps (IAF) has conceded the loss of a MiG-21 Buffalo, shot somewhere around the Pakistan Aviation based armed forces (PAF) amid a commitment over the truce line in questioned Kashmir. The MiG-21 pilot was captured.

As per a few sources, the IAF MiG-21 were propelled in light of PAF strikes prior toward the beginning of the day. Islamabad guarantees somewhere around two IAF contenders crossed LOC and were both shots somewhere around PAF warriors inside Pakistani airspace.

Afterwards, Indian outside service representative Rajesh Kumar said a Pakistani fly was hit as it participated in an activity "to target army bases on the Indian side."

He said the Indian plane flown by the caught pilot — a Mig-21 — was lost in that task.

Two Indian Air Force MiG 21 aircraft were shot down by the Pakistan Air Force in Kashmir Wednesday. One pilot has been arrested.

One plane crashed in the Kohi Rata sector of Azad Kashmir while one crashed in Indian-Administered Kashmir's Budgam area.

personnel of the IAF were arrested 

ISPR DG Major General Asif Ghafoor had said during a media briefing that two personnel of the IAF were arrested and one was injured so he was taken to the CMH where he is being treated.  In a video, the Indian pilot identified himself as Wing Commander Abhinandan. His service number is 27981 and he is a flying pilot. India's ministry of external affairs has accepted that one of their planes was shot down and that a pilot was captured.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi that he said at a press conference on Tuesday that Pakistan has decided to respond to India's aggression. Now we have responded, he said.

I also told the UN secretary general about India's violation of international law and the UN's own charter, he said. The country is ready to fulfil its responsibility, said Qureshi. However, he cautioned that Pakistan does not and has never wanted escalation.

War is not and has never been our aim, he said, adding that Pakistan is a peaceful country. Qureshi reminded India that they started this. You put politics ahead of regional peace, he said. He said more details will follow after the National Command Authority meeting today.

The NCA is the authority that makes decisions regarding the command and control of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. India and Pakistan are both nuclear-armed countries.

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