How does Natural Gas Generate Electricity?

How does Natural Gas Generate Electricity?

some of the world's best discoveries were made entirely by chance like in Australia back in 1899 when workers looking for water discovered natural gas today there are two main types of power stations used to turn natural gas into electricity the first is called an open cycle power station here

Natural gas is burned to produce pressurized gas that spins the blades of a turbine which is connected to a generator inside the generator magnets spin causing electrons in the wire to flow from one place to another creating an electrical current and generating electricity combined cycle power stations are more efficient than open cycle power stations typically generating around 50 per cent more electricity because in addition to burning gas to turn a turbine it also uses the waste heat to boil water and produce steam which drives a second turbine generating electricity.

 Combined cycle power stations

 Combined cycle power stations are typically used on a daily basis to supply steady baseload power while open cycle power stations are ideal during high peak demand like on hot summer days nowadays natural gas generates around 15% of Australia's electricity with around half the carbon emissions of coal not bad for an accidental

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