Samsung has developed a groundbreaking mobile GPU, will it debut on the Galaxy Note 9

Samsung has developed a groundbreaking mobile GPU, will it debut on the Galaxy Note 9

Samsung has been long-rumoured to be working on an in-house GPU for smartphones, though detailed information about the endeavour has been scarce for the most part. This is likely in part due to the fact that Samsung has a contract with ARM to use Mali GPUs in its Exynos chipsets.

According to a new report by EETimes, however, Samsung has been hard at work in the meantime, and after a lengthy prototyping period, has developed an in-house GPU that offers "exceptional performance" and could potentially be used in anything "from smartphones to supercomputers."

Let's go over everything we know about Samsung's new, high-end mobile GPU.

Samsung's proprietary GPU has been developed Industry

According to the  Samsung's proprietary GPU has been developed with the help of industry veteran Chien-Ping Lu who has previously worked on integrated graphics chips for PCs at Nvidia, before moving to MediaTek to work on mobile GPUs, and then over to Samsung, where he took over and saw the project through the finish line.

According to analyst Jon Peddie, who of Samsung's in-house developed graphics processor, "this is really a big deal — it’s the first new GPU design in 10 years." Peddie goes on to claim that this chip is so important, that it could "put [Samsung] on par with Apple The only question is where and when Samsung’s GPU will show up."

That's an interesting question, as Apple is also rumoured to be working on its own, next-gen mobile GPU that could make a debut this year or next.

Samsung's note 9 Design

"This design is so good they could deploy it in every platform — it’s a function of their ambition. If I owned it, it would be in everything including cockpits and supercomputers," Peddie writes.

The new silicon is expected to make its debut in an Exynos smartphone chipset, though it's still unclear whether Samsung is going to license out the tech to other companies or not.

Samsung's GPU is capable of achieving 

According to the report, Samsung's GPU is capable of achieving a new level of performance/watt by employing an architecture that bundles multiple instructions into a group that can be executed in a single cycle, instead of relying on conventional VLIW (Very long instruction word) techniques that create additional processing overheads.

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