Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S Pen features revealed via leaked Galaxy Tab S4 firmwar

samsung going to release not one, but two S Pen devices this year — the venerable Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy Tab S4. Since both are inching closer to launch, the rumor mill has been spinning full force over the past weeks and months, revealing interesting new info about design, specs, and new features. Curiously, seems like one of the biggest updates coming to the Galaxy Note 9, and the Galaxy Tab S4 by the looks of it, has to do with the S Pen stylus.

Recently, we've heard rumors that the new Samsung S Pen will be Bluetooth-enabled and capable of a plethora of new tricks. We even speculated about some of the rumored, new S Pen features, and now, after a firmware build for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 was leaked online (and subsequently torn down), we can confirm some of the S Pen features that are likely coming to both the Galaxy Note 9 and Samsung's new Tab slate.

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