The power of 5G technologies, 

Unlike now, when devices have to wait in order to download data, with 5G standards, autonomous vehicles will be on a higher plane. The vehicles need to get their data in real time, and there is no room for error. With the critical nature of V2X communications, there is a 5G technology being created specially for use cases like autonomous driving and drones which is called uRLLC or, ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications. This higher plane of communication ensures that the devices that need it the most – autonomous vehicles, drones, etc. – have it. 

But you also should not worry that you may not get your content just as quickly; 5G is ultra-low latency. In fact, Qualcomm likens it to fiber-like speeds. We can think of latency by considering the file you are trying to download. When you tap the little icon to download the file from the cloud, your device makes a request. This request has to join a queue with other download requests. The length of time between when you request the file and when it actually starts to download, that is latency. With 5G, no more of that nonsense. The new network will have a massive capacity, so unlimited data can be the new normal.

Despite your car’s best intentions, you have hit some traffic – it is the city after all. With a sigh of exasperation, at least now you have time to get some work done. You grab your always-connected tablet from your briefcase and open the video editing software that you are using to edit footage for a new marketing campaign. The problem that you used to run into – namely, the tablet not being able to handle this heavy editing job – is a thing of the past. In the 5G world, your processor could be tied to the network so that your devices can call in reinforcements when it needs greater processing power. The low latency will make this real time cloud computing a reality.

You arrive at work and head into a meeting with a company team in Frankfurt, Germany (You are in San Francisco, by the way). The company is getting ready to launch a new product and they have the latest model. You and your teammates put on your VR headsets and now you are all together in Berlin, in real time, and you can all see the new product up close. All of this you could already do, but it was slow, and the quality was not great. Now, everything is crisp and fast. 

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